York University Heights

By December 20, 2022North York, ON

York University Heights is a vibrant and bustling neighborhood in North York, ON, located just minutes away from the picturesque setting of Canada’s largest university. With its added convenience to campus, the neighborhood has quickly become popular with both locals and students alike. In addition to the various cafés and pubs that dot its streets, residents also have access to many parks like Glendora Park, which adds beauty and recreation to their days. Not to mention, this lively community offers a host of world class amenities all around it, making it the perfect spot for anyone looking for a combination of convenience and comfort.


York University Heights is a bustling neighborhood that is populated by an increasingly diverse population. The area boasts of an ever-growing youth demographic of students from the nearby York University, but has also seen a swell in multi-generational families looking to thrive in the mix of cutting-edge amenities and cozy suburban living. With only about 5% of its population aged 65 or above, the suburb can easily be labeled as an enclave for the younger generation and it promises unique possibilities for social growth and urban development.


York University Heights is an ever-growing and known for its exemplary educational background. The area is home to a variety of institutions catering to primary, secondary and post-secondary students, with renowned schools such as Bayview Middle School and York Mills Collegiate Institute in the vicinity. For those interested in studying further, Seneca College’s York Campus is located nearby and provides university programs such as history and business studies. Ontario Tech University (formerly the University of Ontario Institute of Technology) in nearby Oshawa also welcomes residents of York University Heights, providing them with exciting opportunities for higher learning. Overall, there are numerous options available for students living in this bustling neighborhood – ensuring they have access to excellent education throughout their academic journeys.


York University Heights is a wonderful neighborhood that is sure to please any tourist. The scenery is absolutely stunning, with plenty of lovely parks and gardens for visitors to enjoy. Those looking for nightlife won’t be disappointed either, since the area is home to a wide variety of restaurants, pubs, cafes and music venues. With its convenient TTC access, parking spots are never far away – perfect for finding the best attractions the neighborhood has to offer. Shopping malls, movie theaters, sports facilities and museums can all be reached with relative ease. Tourists will find that York University Heights is a great place to stay if they want to explore Toronto and its many hidden gems!

Overall, York University Heights is an enjoyable neighborhood to live in. It has multiple green spaces and community parks, as well as a variety of shopping and dining spots within easy reach. The streets are well-lit and safe, and there is a sense of community among the local residents. The local authorities that manage the area ensure regular street cleaning services and maintenance. Overall, York University Heights is an enjoyable place to live and offers plenty of leisurely activities for its residents.


In addition, if you’re looking for a residential area that is quiet, serene and close to amenities, Don Mills is the neighborhood for you. It has become increasingly popular due to its close proximity to schools and parks while being surrounded by nature, with tree-lined streets and walking trails. In terms of shopping and dining, Don Mills is home to a brand new shopping complex featuring a multiplex cinema, specialty stores and restaurants, which are easily reached via public transportation options or by foot. If you want to escape the bustle of downtown without going too far from advanced social amenities – Don Mills is the place.

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