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Angel Hydrotherapy & PEMF is a small team of gut health enthusiasts that focus on digestive health and detox. We believe in offering customized solutions to our clients’ problems and delivering results, thus providing value to each and every person who visits our clinic.

Angel Hydrotherapy & PEMF began in 2013 in downtown Toronto with one Colon Hydrotherapy unit. Two years later, we added a second Colon Hydrotherapy unit. In 2018, we added an Infrared Sauna and Shower to add to our detox capabilities. In 2020, we re-branded to Angel Hydrotherapy & PEMF and opened our second location in Markham. We also added PEMF Therapy in the Markham location. We continue to improve our services and focus on creating a warm, friendly and professional environment that makes our clients feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they walk in our door. We have helped many people from Richmond Hill, Toronto, North York and across the GTA feel better and take a step towards better gut health and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you.

Angel Hydrotherapy & PEMF

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you improve your overall health and quality of life, starting with your gut health. We believe that living a pain-free, healthy life is possible. We help enable this pain-free, healthy living with our focus on gut health and detox via Colon Hydrotherapy, PEMF Therapy and Infrared Sauna.

Angel Hydrotherapy & PEMF

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Team Members

Annie Noh

BPhed, Founder, CFNC, Certified Colon Therapist

Originally from South Korea, I have always been passionate about wellness & fitness. I am a firm believer that healing starts from within and that proper digestion is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In 2013, I decided to open up a clinic that focuses on holistic digestive healing and is proud to introduce the Angel of Water unit which offers the most comfortable and effective Colonic Irrigation experience for clients. I went to The Canadian Natural Health and Healing Centre, which provides the most comprehensive and advanced clinical training course in Colon Hydrotherapy. I am also a Certified Functional Nutritionist. I am dedicated to creating a pleasant experience for all clients who visit the clinic and provide a friendly, warm and professional environment.

Ann-Marie McPherson

BHSc, CNP, Certified Colon Therapist

I have dealt with many digestive and health issues in my childhood and adolescence. At a young age, I decided to take my health into my own hands and researched extensively on how I can improve my wellness. With nutrition playing a significant part in my life, I decided to study and learn more about holistic nutrition. With that, I received my diploma at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2015 with honors.

Through my own experience, I made it my lifelong passion to assist others in their journey to better health and wellness. With a holistic approach, I focus on the impact that bowel health and nutrition can have on your mental and physical health. With the desire to help and drive to learn, I introduced colon hydrotherapy to support better digestive health. I have seen the importance of maintaining digestive wellness with positive feedback from clients on their experience with colonics and changes in their dietary habits.


RHN, Certified Colon Therapist

I am a certified holistic health care practitioner. I hold a degree and multiple certifications in the field of natural health, specializing in nutrition.

I have spent years studying, researching and practising natural holistic therapies.

I am a passionate advocate for health care freedom, and I am an active participant in the community above all else, I am dedicated to public awareness of natural healing remedies.

Riva Yeung

Assitant therapist

Bio coming soon.

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Why We Are Different

Safe & Private

The Angel of Water technology is not only safe and efficient, it is an open system that allows for far more privacy than a closed, traditional system.

Client Focused

Our Therapists are passionate about tailoring customized programs based on each clients’ unique needs and circumstances.

Results Oriented

We are proud that we have a high percentage of regular, repeat clients because they feel and see positive results from using our healthier-living services