Aga Khan Museum

By December 20, 2022North York, ON

Conveniently located in Toronto’s North York, ON, the Aga Khan Museum is an inviting space that celebrates the diverse art and cultures of Muslim civilizations. Featuring a permanent collection of over 1,000 pieces of historical and contemporary artwork from around the world as well as rotating exhibition galleries, visitors to the museum also benefit from stunning views of the surrounding park landscape. Visitors can attend lectures, take part in interactive discussions, and join various hands-on workshops. As a national cultural landmark, the Aga Khan Museum serves to inspire positive change while promoting these unique cultures among those who step inside its doors.

What To Do

The Aga Khan Museum offers an incredible experience steeped in art, culture and history. With permanent galleries including Manuscripts and Paintings, an impressive collection of artifacts on the Islamic world, multiple rotating collections, a pair of spectacular courtyards as well as hosts of monthly events, concerts and workshops offered throughout the year it is a must-see for anyone seeking to explore Persian and Islamic culture. There is also a Cafe and Shop onsite for those desiring refreshments or unique souvenirs to commemorate their visit. Whether discovering mesmerizing artifacts from centuries ago or simply enjoying the beauty of the building and its grounds, a trip to this museum is sure to be one full of adventure.


The Aga Khan Museum contains a wealth of cultural and historical attractions sure to delight and inform any visitor. The museum, which promotes education about global Muslim Civilization, is open year-round and displays rotating exhibitions from its collection of Golden Age artifacts from the Islamic world. These collections include pottery, metalwork items, manuscripts, paintings, coins and books from different parts of the Islamic world from the 7th century onward. Visitors can also attend live musical performances that explore the region’s traditional classical music genres in concert settings or partake in interactive educational programs for adults and children alike about Islam through multidisciplinary perspectives. No matter what your interest level or background knowledge is, there is something worth exploring at the Aga Khan Museum.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to the Aga Khan Museum be sure to mark it as an experience of a lifetime. Home to over 1,000 pieces of Islamic Art spanning from the medieval period to present day, this museum is sure to capture your interest and complements any trip taken through Toronto. The expansive building also serves as an outdoor event space dubbed “The Garden” which comes alive during the springtime with its abundance of green gardens and Mediterranean architecture. Immerse yourself into the various cultural exhibitions and activities such as lectures, performances and special collections that have something for everyone. The Aga Khan Museum will leave you feeling educated and inspired!

Overall, the Aga Khan Museum is an impressive and important landmark that celebrates Islamic art and culture. Providing visitors with interactive activities, a thoughtful selection of artworks, and informative tours of the facility, it’s worth taking the time to explore this cultural site. Located in a strategic spot by the Don Valley Parkway with impressive views of downtown Toronto, the sleek modern building architecture adds an interesting aesthetic to the museum complex. Overall it’s a worthwhile place to spend an afternoon learning something new!


In addition, if you’re looking for an interesting excursion, look no further than the Gibson House Museum. This former family home, built in the mid-1800s, is now a museum with rotating exhibits as well as a staple collection of items used by the Gibson family. In addition to being a museum, there is also an active activity center which provides various workshops and educational experiences to school groups and day camps year-round – teaching visitors about life from over 100 years ago. If you happen to be visiting North York, take some time out of your day to visit the Gibson House Museum – it’s surely worth the visit!

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