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June 23, 2022

How PEMF Therapy Can Help with Inflammation and Chronic Pain

Dealing with inflammation and chronic pain can seem like a never-ending struggle. Although there are numerous options for management, many involve invasive treatments or long courses of medication. One revolutionary…

What is Infrared Sauna

By Infrared Sauna

About Infrared Sauna. For hundreds of years saunas have been used to promote health and vitality. Infrared saunas have been rapidly gaining popularity as an all-natural tool for enhancing detoxification,…

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Fibre Hit & Miss

By General Category

Fibre is defined as the carbohydrate in food that the body is unable to digest. It passes through our digestive system helping to keep our bowel movements regular. Sources of…

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What is Diatomaceous earth?

By General Category

Benefits of Diatomaceous earth Natural Source of Silica Helps Eliminate Intestinal Parasites & Candida Natural Digestive Cleanser & Detoxifier Builds Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails Aids Calcium Absorption Increases Energy…

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