Berczy Village

By December 16, 2022Markham, ON

Berczy Village is a vibrant, family-oriented neighborhood in Markham, Ontario. Ideally situated within walking distance of numerous schools, parklands and other amenities, it’s an ideal place to call home. The homes are large detached or semi-detached houses with double garages, spacious patios and luxurious ensuite bathrooms. They have all the modern conveniences for comfortable living adapted to traditional Victorian charm. With its interlocking streets and cul-de-sacs, there’s plenty of room for outdoor activities at Berczy Village and a great playground where children can get together to play. Residents here also easily access public transportation such as the GO Transit bus routes which run through the area for commuting convenience.


According to the 2016 Census, the population of Berczy Village is 8,417 and the majority of which (80.7%) are immigrants from different countries around the world. Amongst the newcomers, Chinese alone especially those from Hong Kong form a significant proportion of 43.6%. Other visible minority groups living in Berczy Village include South Asian -12.9%, Black – 5%, Filipino – 2.7% with notable increase since 2011. The average age of residents is 39 years old and nearly 50% have children aged 14 or younger at home while remaining families include couples without children and single parent households respectively. The varied demographic profile of Berczy Village makes it increasingly attractive to live and work in Markham for its citizens as well as visitors alike.


Berczy Village is an example of how a community can provide its younger citizens with excellent education opportunities. The town consists of both public schools and private educational institutions, offering the students within Berczy Village the freedom to choose what fits their needs best. The local public school utilizes technology-enriched classrooms, allowing each student to access many diverse learning experiences; while some of its private counterparts offer smaller class sizes for more effective learning. All options provide various extracurricular activities and real-life learning experiences that foster success in the classroom and beyond.


Berczy Village is a vibrant and lively neighborhood perfect for the adventurous tourist. This neighborhood is home to modern conveniences such as independent eating establishments, antique stores, and markets that remain true to their roots amongst the hustle and bustle. Furthermore, this charming village also offers unique attractions such as its highly popular farmers’ market which is held every weekend between June and October and plays host to several international guest vendors. Visitors can explore Berczy Park with its beautiful landscaping design, or traverse the walking trails winding from park to park – making a peaceful journey through both outdoor spaces and urban centers.

Overall, Berczy Village is a highly sought after neighborhood. With great amenities, from grocery stores to parks and the incredible proximity to Canada’s Wonderland, it’s no wonder why people love living here. It offers an amazing combination of safe and cozy suburban living with all the amenities you may need conveniently located nearby. Additionally, higher-income residents contribute to keeping the area well-maintained and safe for everyone. Thus, it definitely remains a top contender when couples or families look for their future home.


In addition, if you’re looking for a charming and convenient neighborhood, consider Greensborough. This area is a great spot for families with children as it offers excellent schools and lots of lush outdoor space. Local amenities include libraries, parks, sports facilities, and shopping centers to provide all the necessities. With access to public transit, commuters can quickly make their way downtown or out of the city.

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