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Buttonville is a much-loved neighborhood in the city of Markham, ON just north of Toronto. It is well known for its bustling commercial district and carefully preserved historical heritage. Home to beautiful parks, a range of shopping options, and proximity to larger urban centers, Buttonville creates an inviting balance of small-town charm and metropolitan convenience for its residents. The local landmarks are highly valued in this community which offers an atmosphere of close knit community that many seek out to make their home. Families appreciate the safe, friendly atmosphere as well as the access to excellent public transportation. There are also plenty of recreational activities for everyone of different ages including soccer fields, basketball courts and a great deal more.


Buttonville continues to be a popular destination for many families. The area is home to nearly 15,000 people and has an impressive socio-economic diversity level. According to the 2016 census, about 33% of households are owned with a mortgage and 25% are rented. As for the population’s age range, 43% of residents are between 25 to 44 years old while 69% of the population is made up of multiple generations living together. Buttonville also offers locals plenty of entertainment and recreation attractions including the Toogood Pond Park which features paved walking trails, shoreline fishing docks and rain gardens. All these features make Buttonville a great place to live.


In Buttonville, the community is served by a variety of schools for different levels of education. At the primary level, there are three public elementary schools: Nathanial Butler Junior Public School, Beverley Acres Public School and William Armstrong Public School. All three offer English classes and French Immersion programs from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. At the secondary level, Alexander Mackenzie High School provides students with an improved learning environment and educational resources such as Chromebooks, Google Classrooms and interactive whiteboards. 

The school also has specialized sports teams and clubs suited to each student’s interests and abilities. Additionally, Buttonville residents who are registered in the York Region District School Board can choose to attend Pierre Trudeau High School, located down the street in Unionville – a great opportunity for Hamilton students looking to develop their skills beyond the traditional academic realm.


Buttonville is a charming neighborhood that has been the subject of many tourists’ visits. It is primarily known for its picturesque scenery and rich history. From its recreation center to the Buttonville Airport – an important aviation hub – visitors have ample exciting and unique experiences awaiting them in Buttonville. Tourists are invited to explore and experience the culture, attractions and activities this delightful neighborhood has to offer. A city filled with natural beauty, green trees line the roads while a calming stream flows through giving it an even greater appeal.

Buttonville is an excellent neighborhood that offers a wide range of amenities such as excellent schools, beautiful parks, abundant retail and dining options, and easy access to transit. Home to many recreational activities and landmarks, there is something for everyone in this family-friendly community. Overall Buttonville is a great place to call home with plenty to offer its residents regardless of age or interests.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a great family neighborhood, look no further than the Berczy Village. This modern and vibrant area boasts plenty of amenities for its locals, including nearby parks and walking trails. Shopping destinations such as Main Street Unionville and Centaur Gateway are easily accessible from the village, making it an ideal option for busy families. Restaurants galore line Main Street Unionville, giving citizens a slew of options to try out different cuisines from around the world.

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