Colon Hydrotherapy Can Help Flush Out Toxins

The idea of using colon irrigation to clean the colon of toxic materials is not new. Many prominent well esteemed physicians dating as far back as the late 1800s linked what they called intestinal autointoxication to various chronic illnesses. These physicians touted the importance of having healthy gut microflora and warned of the harms of “poisonous germs”. John Harvey Kellogg, the medical doctor who invented Corn Flakes, wrote an entire book called Colon Hygiene that includes an entire section on how enemas can be used to keep the colon clean and free of toxins.

Now, in 2020, many are seeing that these truths are timeless. Contemporary research has shown that there is a clear link between metabolic weight disorders and the microbes found in the colon. It is now commonly known that essential to good health and a lean physic are regular bowel movements and a healthy gastrointestinal microbiota. Although considered normal, having only 1 bowel movement per day is a form of constipation. Ideally, a person should have a bowel movement for every meal consumed. In this way, waste will not accumulate in the large intestine and attract a multitude of harmful pathogens. It goes without saying that this fecal matter is toxic, and therefore toxic to the system, as are the many pathogens that feed off of it. With digestive by-products putrefying in the colon, waste, as well as various poisonous compounds, can be reabsorbed into the blood stream and cause serious harm.

Due to the detrimental effect that these noxious substances can have on the function of important cells and organs, the body will use fat as a kind of buffer against these damaging toxins. Many individuals have trouble losing weight, not because of lack of effort or willpower, but because the body is so full of toxins that it needs to hang on to fat as a protective mechanism. By reducing a persons’ toxic load, weight can be lost with ease.

Colon hydrotherapy is great way to detoxify the colon and whole body. It is a comfortable and simple way to quickly remove compounded waste and toxins that has been left in the colon for far too much time. With a series of colonics, the toxic waste matter that was in the digestive system will be flushed out, as well as the pathogens that were feeding off garbage and creating harmful substances themselves. Has an added bonus, a good colon cleanse will improve colon functionality which will in turn support the opening of all of the body’s channels of elimination. With a colon in good working order, the entire body is able to detoxify more effectively. This increases health, vitality and supports homeostasis, all which will allow the body to come into its own perfect weight and balance.

Colon Hydrotherapy Can Support Weight Loss Diets and Reduce Cravings

Colon hydrotherapy is a great way to kick start and support any weight loss regime. Unknowingly, most people are carrying many pounds of un-eliminated waste matter in their large intestine. Pounds of excess fecal matter sitting in the colon can warp and even change the shape of the actual colon. This can cause abdominal distention, leading to excess weight in the abdominal region. By flushing these pounds of weight out of the colon, the body will be lighter, and the abdominal area will tighten and tone, effectively shrinking in size.

One of the biggest challenges to any weight loss diet is the unhealthy food cravings that can manifest when attempting to make positive changes. Once again, colonics are a wonderful tool that can significantly reduce cravings for refined, processed, and chemical ridden foods. Surprisingly, the body itself does not crave these unhealthy and unnatural foods, as they are of no benefit and only cause harm. A significant portion of these cravings actually come from the overgrowth of bacteria, fungus, and parasites residing within the digestive tract – they are the ones truly feeding off these junk foods. A colonic will essentially wash away these pathogens as well as their food source. At this point, the body can be re-inoculated with healthy flora in the form of healthy foods and probiotics. With a good balance of beneficial microbes as a part of the digestive systems ecology, prolific organisms cannot take over and dictate food choices. This will empower healthy food decisions and habits that can support any weight loss diet.

Enjoy the Weight-Loss Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy in Toronto

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