Why is it important to get a series of colonics within a short period of time?

In his book Colon Health, Dr. Norman W. Walker states flat out that everyone should have as many colonics as it takes to clean the entire length of the colon. The purpose is to avoid premature aging, disease, as well as unwanted surgical procedures that can permanently alter your life.
The human colon is on average 5 feet in length, and 3 inches in diameter (or 1.5 meters long with an approximate average diameter of 7cm).  This large surface area, coupled with constipation and hardened impactions along the bowel wall, make it impossible for the water that is introduced into the colon during a single colonic treatment, to reach the entirety of the large bowel.  Only one part of the colon can be cleaned at a time, and those areas closest to the anus and rectum must be cleared of obstruction first, before deeper areas of the colon can be accessed.  It can take time to soften and hydrate these impactions within these areas of the colon as well.
Water introduced into the colon in one session, actually prepares the colon for the removal of old and toxic waste matter during the next colon hydrotherapy session – provided this is done in a timely manner.  Colonics done close together – within one are two days – is ideal.  Waiting for any longer than 1 weeks time between colonic treatments, results in the loss of all hydration within the bowel that was gained in previous sessions.  Consequently, the need will be to start right back at the beginning once more, with colonic treatment number 1 – that can at most reach the rectum, sigmoid colon, and parts of the descending colon.
A series of 6 colon hydrotherapy treatments conducted within the span of 2 to 3 weeks is a great number to start with to begin clearing the colon.  More is needed for those struggling with constipation and other digestive/intestinal disorders.

Colonics is a journey and not intended as a one time treatment.

Decades of abusive, harmful, eating and lifestyle habits, cannot be reversed in one 40 minute colonic treatment.  As a society, we have become accustomed to taking pills to alleviate aches and pains, or applying heavily medicated ointments to make symptoms of skin irritation disappear.  Nothing in nature however simply vanishes.  True healing – unlike suppression – takes time, discipline, and patience.

Keeping the colon clean, strong, and healthy, is something that is every individuals personal responsibility, and is something to strive to maintain every single day.  Incorporating colonic irrigation as a part of ones lifestyle is an important part of maintaing this good health and hygiene – and is a continuous process.  To do this, it is advisable to have a minimum of 6 colonics treatments done close together twice yearly, as a detoxification protocol. Once this series has been completed, a minimum of one monthly colonic session is suggested as maintenance.  For those suffering from disease conditions, more colon hydrotherapy treatments may be needed to help the body heal and repair.  Over time, colonics will also support the toning and the strengthening of the colon wall.  The water flowing into the colon actually provides a sort of resistance for the muscles in the colon, an action that is akin to lifting weights.  This supports peristalsis and the timely evacuation of waste, essential for all individuals, especially those suffering from constipation.

Once again, health comes in stages and not overnight.  Colonics are a worthwhile journey that has many lasting benefits. It is a treatment where the results are best seen over time, and is used not only to support the cleansing process, but for the maintenance of good health, beauty and vitality.

Posted by Eke Idika, CNP, CH Therapist 
Reference: Dr. Walker, N. W. Colon Health: the Key to a Vibrant Life! Norwalk, 2009 p 27
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