Acne (also called acne vulgaris) is a skin condition caused by changes in the hair follicle and its associated sebaceous gland. Acne is commonly referred to as pimples, spots, or zits. Acne affects more than 85% of teenagers, and frequently continues into adulthood. Colon hydrotherapy is a natural approach to treating acne that does not include medications or harsh chemicals, while helping you to have clearer and more radiant skin.

What Causes Acne?

Acne is caused by an increase in testosterone, a naturally occurring hormone present in both males and females. Testosterone stimulates the skin’s glands to enlarge, produce oil in, and plug the pores. Acne is common in adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, or other times when hormones are in flux.

Acne also is caused when the colon and kidney are not working properly. Our body eliminates waste through sweating, urinating, and bowel movements. When the colon and kidney fail to function, the waste material is attracted to the pores and blocks them, resulting in psoriasis and acne and other skin problems.

How Can Colon Hydrotherapy Help Relieve the Symptoms of Acne?

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective outpatient procedure that removes wastes from the large intestine without the use of medications. During a colon hydrotherapy session, a colon hydrotherapist introduces a small amount of filtered and temperature-regulated water into the colon using specially designed equipment manufactured following Food and Drug Administration guidelines for safety and cleanliness. The process is often repeated a few times during a session. When the water enters the colon, the waste is softened and loosened. The softened waste is then eliminated through the intestine’s natural smooth muscle contractions.

In this manner, colon hydrotherapy eliminates excess mucus, bacteria, and parasites. Practitioners and patients of colon hydrotherapy believe that this practice purifies the whole body. The removal of the toxins and poisons found in the colon improves the functioning of the colon and in this way helps the body to alleviate many health problems like fatigue, frequent headaches or stomachaches, and various skin conditions such as psoriasis and Acne.

Why Use Colon Hydrotherapy for Acne?

Although acne is a common response to hormonal changes, many affected individuals report decreased self-esteem resulting from the physical appearance of acne and the long-term scarring that can occur when acne is untreated. Many individuals affected by acne will attempt to treat the skin lesions with over-the-counter medications or harsh prescription medications with many side effects. Colon hydrotherapists feel that acne is an indication of a colon that cannot absorb enough Vitamin A due to the presence of toxins, mucus, and other unhealthy products in the colon. Colon hydrotherapy offers an approach to acne that does not include the use of medications or invasive medical procedures. Colon hydrotherapy has the added benefit of eliminating from the bowel the repository of accumulated waste material that could overwhelm the body and trigger a variety of systemic illnesses.

Support for the use of colon hydrotherapy includes many books, personal testimonials, and articles such as Morton Walker’s publication on the value of hydrotherapy in the Medical Journalist Report of Innovative Biologics in 2000. After crediting cornflake inventor J. H. Kellogg for popularizing the method around the world, he notes, “Enthusiastic expressions of approval for colon hydrotherapy are undeniable medical endorsements for this significant complementary treatment which removes metabolic waste from a person’s large bowel without applying toxic agents of any kind.”

History of Colon Hydrotherapy

Documentation of early colon hydrotherapy for treatment of medical conditions appears as early as ancient Egyptian texts. Although it decreased in popularity during the Middle Ages, colon hydrotherapy gained popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Physicians like Dr. Kellogg in the early 1900s promoted the treatment of disease through bowel cleansing, diet, and exercise. In modern times, colon hydrotherapy is used in combination with good nutrition, proper fluid intake, and exercise to improve gastrointestinal health and general well-being.

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