A woman’s menstrual cycle is the natural process of change that a woman’s body will go through each month in order to prepare for the possible advent of biological pregnancy. Unfortunately, modern ways of living have made this natural mechanism uncomfortable, painful, and even debilitating for some women. 

What is PMS?

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is the common diagnosis that is given to women who suffer from physical and psychological malaise as a result of the changes in hormone levels and brain chemistry that come during a woman’s menstrual cycle. This can manifest as edema, breast tenderness, abdominal cramping, abdominal bloating, sleep disorders, skin eruptions, heavy menstrual bleeding, and changes in bowel function and overall mood.  A woman on her cycle may experience, mood swings, irritability, food craving, anxiety, and even depression. Left untreated, these symptoms can worsen over time.

Can PMS be Eliminated?

While most women have experienced PMS at some point in their life, the severity of these syndromes can differ from person to person. Thankfully, the symptoms of these conditions are not something that women are powerless over. Simple changes to diet and lifestyle can have a significant impact on reducing and even completely eliminating PMS and menstrual cramping.

Eliminating overly processed foods and focusing on whole foods rich in nutrients, fiber, and water will help to keep the digestive system strong, healthy, and eliminating properly – something absolutely essential to a woman’s reproductive health. A build-up of toxins and waste matter in the colon clogs the system and is a burden on the body. All of this waste is highly inflammatory and will only add to the inflammation caused by the many inflammatory chemicals produced by the body during menstruation. Furthermore, gases trapped in the colon can cause bloating and discomfort that will only compound the pain that can occur at the time of menstruation when the uterus is contracting and shedding its lining. With a congested colon, the inflammatory prostaglandins produced by this shedding action, can build up and cause excessive pain and inflammation.

How can Colonics Help Reduce PMS?

PMS and colonicsColon hydrotherapy is an excellent way to maintain a clean and healthy internal environment. Colonic irrigation used in conjunction with a healthy diet will do wonders to support women’s health throughout their reproductive life cycle. Colon hydrotherapy will rid the body of accumulated fermenting and putrefying waste that has been building in the colon for years. When this toxic matter is removed, the bad toxic gas-producing bacteria will be removed along with it, allowing healthy colonies of microbes to flourish. The reduction in gas and bloating will also serve to minimize any cramping that may be experienced.

Waste that sits in the colon is very acidic and an acid environment in the body is what will eventually lead to inflammatory conditions. By cleansing the colon of this waste, overall inflammation in the body will decrease. And when the colon is cleansed regularly, excess estrogen and androgen hormones can be cleared through the bowels without impediment. When the colon is obstructed, these hormones will be reabsorbed by the body and continue to circulate, adding to any pain and discomfort experienced with menstruation. With a decreased level of inflammation and a more balanced hormone level, PMS and menstrual cramping can be significantly reduced and even completely healed.

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