Don Mills

By December 20, 2022North York, ON

Don Mills is a vibrant and friendly neighborhood in North York, Ontario. Located between Lawrence Avenue and the Don Valley Parkway, this area offers residents easy access to urban amenities with a hint of the suburban lifestyle. Aspiring home-owners will certainly appreciate the variety of housing options available here – from high-rises to single-family homes. Outdoor activities such as birding, walking along trails, and fishing at Charles Sauriol Conservation Reserve are always a good idea due to the area’s proximity to green spaces. Long-time locals can be found gossiping over coffee at numerous cafes around town; one of these spots, Nestle’s Cafe has become well known for its extraordinary breakfast croissant sandwich! No matter how long you plan on staying in Don Mills, everybody is sure to walk away feeling connected to this quaint and inviting community.


Don Mills is an attractive destination for a variety of demographics. The neighborhood hosts many young families relocating from other parts of Toronto and also boasts an impressive presence of affluent retirees. Despite the large concentration of affluent residents in the area, Don Mills remains one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area with almost every national origin represented within its borders. In addition to being highly socioeconomically varied, Don Mills also provides a wide range of cultural attractions such as theaters, art galleries, and museums. This unique mix of socioeconomic groups allows for a deep appreciation for each culture’s contributions to the community.


Don Mills is a bustling neighborhood with a deep appreciation for education. The area boasts an array of public and private elementary schools, two secondary schools and two educational institutes. With excellent public transportation, students and staff of all ages can easily travel to their desired learning environment and take advantage of the various educational opportunities Don Mills has to offer. Furthermore, the recently constructed Bertelson Child Care Centre provides developmentally appropriate programs for children from infancy to kindergarten in a nurturing and state-of-the-art learning center. As such, Don Mills is an ideal location to invest in quality education that helps young people reach their goals.


Don Mills is a well-known neighborhood that has an array of attractions and amenities ideal for tourists. It is the home to many shopping centers and the Ontario Science Center, which houses the Dome Theater renowned for its out-of-this-world IMAX experience. There are also numerous eateries and power centers located in Don Mills, providing visitors with ample entertainment options during their visit. The stunningly beautiful canyon carving of Todmorden Mills Heritage Site provides delightful paths for hiking, as well as a museum containing artifacts from 18th century life. These sights along with century old buildings such as Fleck Hall and Edwards Gardens make Don Mills an ideal destination for tourists who want to explore culture and nature in one location.

Overall, Don Mills is a unique and exciting neighborhood. Its close proximity to the city of Toronto makes it an ideal spot for residents who want to take advantage of all the big city has to offer without having to worry about long commutes. The entertainment options abound with a variety of restaurants, shops, parks, and other attractions. Overall, there is something for everyone here making it a desirable area for those living in the Greater Toronto Area.


Additionally, if you’re looking for an interesting and diverse neighborhood to explore, Lawrence Heights is a great option. Located near the intersection of Allen Avenue and Lawrence Avenue, this community consists of low-rise apartment buildings and townhouses interspersed with green spaces. Despite its residential character, there are ample shopping centers nearby giving residents convenient access to groceries, clothing stores, pharmacies, and more. Plus, recreational opportunities like indoor pools and a library can also be found within the area boundaries. If you have children at home or plan on visiting with kids in tow, it’s a great place to spend time as it offers plenty of activities and amenities where locals can gather. If you’re in the North York area, be sure to check out Lawrence Heights–it’s definitely worth your time!

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