Downtown Markham

By December 16, 2022Markham, ON

Downtown Markham is a vibrant neighborhood located in Markham, Ontario. When residents and visitors alike enter the downtown area they can enjoy a variety of activities ranging from fine dining to top notch entertainment. There are several attractions at Downtown Markham, including the expansive mall that contains all the latest fashion finds and restaurants, along with plenty of unique local businesses. Residents also adore the beautifully manicured parks and local green spaces that offer stunning views. Downtown Markham provides its visitors and locals with stellar examples of culture and art through festivals, live music and theater performances.


Downtown Markham is an exciting and vibrant neighborhood. It boasts a dynamic population with a median age of 40.5 and a gender demographic that is relatively balanced between male (50.3%) and female (49.7%) residents. Additionally, just over 34% of Downtown Markham’s population identify as visible minorities; the largest minority group being South Asian, which comprises 20.5%. Though English remains the primary language among most Downtown Markham citizens at 86%, 8% also have a knowledge of French – making it one of the strongest bilingual communities in Canada’s Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


Education in Downtown Markham offers a variety of well-regarded educational options for both the young and the young at heart. With three secondary schools and four elementary institutions, residents have access to a range of public and private schools that are in close proximity to their rural community. Additionally, the York Region District School Board’s Continuing Education Department offers over 1000 courses for adults throughout the year, allowing people of all ages to develop new skills or explore new interests. Lastly, Ryerson University’s Markham campus is located just fifteen minutes from downtown Markham and provides students with further post-secondary learning opportunities respective to its field of study.


Downtown Markham is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a city-style vacation. With its wide array of activities, attractions, and events, the neighborhood serves as the entertainment hub of Markham. Shopping centers, cultural sites, and remarkable restaurants dominate its bustling streets while numerous parks dotted with walking trails offer scenic respites to explore. Visitors can even see live theater performances at unique venues across Downtown Markham such as Flato Markham Theatre or revel in the open skies at Milliken Mills Community Centre’s outdoor bandstand.

Overall, Downtown Markham is an absolutely fantastic neighborhood. Conveniently located near shopping centers, restaurants, and other major establishments, it offers a wide range of activities for those who call this area home. Per recent statistics provided by various real estate companies, living here has become more and more desirable in recent years due to a steady increase of new development projects which feature family-oriented communities and foster an atmosphere of progress. For these reasons combined with its prime location close to several major cities, Downtown Markham is sure to remain a desired place of residence for anyone looking for an ideal balance between urban life and suburban charm.


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