Flato Markham Theatre

By December 16, 2022Markham, ON

The Flato Markham Theatre in Markham, ON is the premier arts center in the city. With its 733-seat auditorium, it is one of the largest venues of its kind in Canada. It hosts a wide range of performers from all genres – from theater to music to comedy – making it one of the most diverse entertainment hubs in the area. Its low ticket prices mean that everyone can enjoy its great lineup of shows and performances. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about where to park… this venue has plenty of parking for both cars and bicycles! Whether you’re looking for an evening of laughter or relaxation with a classic show, the Flato Markham Theatre is sure to deliver.

What To Do

Flato Markham Theatre offers a wide range of entertainment choices, from classic opera to unique dances and plays that promote cultural appreciation. With the help of its talented crew, Flato Markham keeps guests enthralled all night long. The variety of events at Flato’s caters to all kinds of tastes; whether it’s an interactive musical or a fun-filled production for the family, there’s something for everyone. And for those looking for something extra special in their experience, many shows are now offered with Open Seating to allow audiences an even more immersive viewing experience.


The Flato Markham Theatre is one of the city’s most frequented attractions. It features a fantastic range of performing arts including music, dance, theater and comedy, making it a perfect destination for individuals interested in any type of creative performance. This award-winning venue holds shows with some of the country’s best and brightest stars, giving viewers plenty of opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorite artists. In addition to concerts and other live performances, the theater also supports a range of educational activities such as classes, workshops, camps and special events. With its great selection of performances and interactive events, Flato Markham Theatre is certainly worthy of being a go-to attraction for anyone looking for topnotch entertainment.

Plan Your Visit

When planning a visit to Flato Markham Theatre, there is a lot to consider. From the event schedule of concerts and shows, to pre-show dining options, to accessibility and ticket pricing – this theater has it all! With its prime location, Flato Markham Theatre offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends or an afternoon family outing, you’ll be able to find an event that delights your sensibilities. The theater’s staff are renowned for their unparalleled service excellence and dedication – from assisting patrons with seating arrangements to providing show information and updates.

Overall, the Flato Markham Theatre has been outstanding in their ability to deliver a world-class entertainment experience with its stunning acoustics and expansive lobby connecting two theaters. Furthermore, they are dedicated to enhancing the cultural diversity of the community by offering extraordinary performances, unique educational programs and many other events. Not only do these attributes make this theater a reputable entertainment venue in its own right, but it also speaks loudly to Markham’s commitment to providing enriching experiences for all citizens that call the city home.


Additionally, if you’re looking for something fun and different to do in Markham, ON, then consider visiting the Pride of Canada Carousel. This carousel is unlike any other because it features uniquely designed horses created by thirty-five Canadian artists. Visitors can not only ride them but appreciate their intricate details as they revolve around a stunning plexiglass Canadian flag in the center. Beyond an enjoyable outing, the carousel serves as a reminder of our nation’s cultural authenticity and unique identity.

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