Gibson House Museum

By December 20, 2022North York, ON

Located in North York, Ontario, the Gibson House Museum is an exceptional example of 19th century architecture and domestic life. With a stunning design and history, it allows visitors to discover Toronto’s 19th-century rural estate lifestyle. As one of the few remaining Georgian-style dwellings, it provides a glimpse into the past while preserving precious family heirlooms and artifacts. Visitors can explore each room of the house such as saloons, parlors, kitchen, and bedrooms, which are all dressed and arranged in Victorian style. Additionally, there are abundant gardens that visitors can explore filled with seasonal and perennial flowers. With so much to offer in history and beauty, Gibson House Museum allows visitors a wonderful peek into the past hundred years of Canadian architectural grandeur.

What To Do

There’s plenty of history to explore at Gibson House Museum. Step into the world of mid-19th Century rural Ontario by journeying through the magnificent Greek Revival style farmhouse, outbuildings and gardens. Families visiting the museum can make a trip to the barnyard farm to learn about heritage breeds and pet animals like goats and sheep. Tutor your little ones in textile arts through hands-on activities like weaving, hand-carding and machine carding wool – they’re sure to have a great time! Be sure not to miss out on experiencing traditional rural domestic life by participating in vibrant summer programs like butter churning, baking over an outdoor wood stove and more. With so much culture packed into this amazing museum, a trip here is sure to be memorable for everyone!


Gibson House Museum is a must-see for everyone, from history buffs to first-time tourists. The historic house was the home of the Gibson family for more than a century and their legacy is on full display with a variety of attractions. At the Museum, you can go through guided tours of the house, stroll along the walking trails that offer breathtaking views, learn about 1800s farm life in the Heritage Garden, shop for local crafts and artisan items at contemporary marketplace, and enjoy unique exhibits from dioramas to textiles. With so much to see and do onsite, it’s easy to spend an entire day exploring all that Gibson House Museum has to offer.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to the Gibson House Museum you should take advantage of all there is to do. Step back into the past and immerse yourself in the life and times of David and Mary Gibson, as you tour their 1851 home and out-buildings on a 45 minute guided tour. See how families lived and worked in the 19th century and explore the adjacent historic museum garden. After the guided tour, you can check out one of two interesting exhibitions which rotate throughout the year. The museum also offers educational programs for schools which go beyond a simple field trip with hands-on learning activities for students of every age group. Add a unique experience to your next school field trip with an exciting adventure at Gibson House Museum!

Overall, Gibson House Museum is a truly delightful place for all ages to learn about the history of Canada and its people. Whether visiting with family or friends, or even school groups, everyone who steps into this museum is sure to be captivated by the life-like exhibits and captivated by the stories behind them. It not only offers a wonderful look into Canadian culture but also provides interesting tidbits of history too. From artifacts that tell us what was on dinner tables during different eras to stages that represent the changes in fashion throughout centuries past, everything offered at this amazing museum provides an immersive cultural experience.


Additionally, if you’re looking for an outdoor excursion that combines nature and education, a visit to the Toronto Botanical Garden is sure to please. The 17-acre site boasts tranquil gardens, vibrant greenhouses, art galleries, and educational programming. Highlights include the Edible Garden and the Pollinator Paradise Garden where visitors can learn about healthy diets and environmental conservation methods. If the weather calls for a break from outdoor exploration, the onsite learning center has interactive displays about native plants and other natural wonders of Toronto’s magnificent urban environment. Don’t miss a opportunity to experience this spectacular botanical oasis!

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