Jane and Finch

By December 20, 2022North York, ON

Located in North York, ON, Jane and Finch is a bustling neighborhood with a rich culture and heritage. This culturally diverse community has been built on strong values of inclusion, support and respect. It offers a wide range of activities from sports programs, museums, libraries and galleries to shopping centers, festivals and events. The residents come from all walks of life – immigrants from different nations as well as local families who’ve lived in the area for generations. There is an inclusive atmosphere with multiple languages spoken on the streets. Jane and Finch’s unique identity makes it one of the most vibrant areas in Toronto for people to live, work and play!


The Jane and Finch has a population of around 100,000 people, according to Statistics Canada data. Over the last decade this area has seen an influx of newcomers, with roughly 79% of residents having been born outside of Canada. This map-based population is predominantly composed of African Canadians (44%) and South Asians (35%), with smaller percentages of West Asians/Arabs (8%) and Latin Americans (6%). Although it faces challenges related to housing, education and infrastructure needs, the multicultural nature of the community creates a unique sense of vibrancy and diversity.


Education in Jane and Finch is an important resource not only for the community, but also for the continued development of Toronto. The area is home to a wide range of educational opportunities including public and private schools, community facilities, and higher education institutes. Most notably, these include Westview Centennial Secondary School, Doctor Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study at the University of Toronto, York Woods Library and Community Centre, York University – Keele Campus Learning Centre; and several local religious institutions such as Sandford Fleming Montessori Schools. These places offer students from all socioeconomic backgrounds developmental opportunities ranging from adult literacy to university-level courses. They foster support and help to prepare young adults for the challenges they may face in a career or further education following graduation.


Visiting Jane and Finch can be an enlightening experience. Of course, it’s not just a place for sightseeing – there are also many other attractions to explore. Shopping and dining are ideal activities for tourists, as well as visiting one or more of the many parks in the area. There is something for everyone in this vibrant neighborhood: from community centers hosting a variety of sports and recreational activities to different historic sites scattered throughout the area. For those looking to dig deeper into Jane and Finch, historical walking tours are available throughout the year that take visitors through various neighborhoods within this district. Whether embarking on an educational journey or simply wanting to experience local culture through its multi-ethnic diversity, Jane and Finch have something special that is waiting to be discovered by tourists.

Overall, Jane and Finch is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood that is most notably known for its strong-knit community. As the third largest neighborhood in Toronto with a strong West Indian population, Jane and Finch has thriving cultural offerings from parks and libraries to shopping areas that make it a great place to visit or even call home. Scenic views and attractions are abundant throughout this area which attracts many local and international individuals alike. Jane and Finch is an area filled with opportunity, creativity, and culture, making it an incredibly desirable destination within North York.


In addition, if you’re looking for a great neighborhood to call home, Willowdale has so much to offer. With recreational activities such as cultural events, shopping, and green spaces that span 41 hectares of parkland, this suburban area provides a balance of activity paired with relaxation. Residents are part of an intimate community that boasts libraries, restaurants and cafes independently owned and operated by local entrepreneurs. As Toronto’s population grows larger each year, Willowdale has become increasingly more popular and desirable—and there’s no wonder why!

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