The human body is an open system, where all manner of microbes can flow in and out of – making it is virtually impossible to keep them out completely.  For this reason, one of the best ways to prevent colds and flu from developing is to maintain a robust immune system.  This can be done by ensuring that the internal environment within the body is both clean and inhospitable to the various infectious pathogens that may be lurking, thereby preventing them from taking root and proliferating.

Healthy Immune System

In terms of human physiology, the digestive system is actually considered to be outside of the body.  The entire gut is a barrier between the body’s interior and the outside world, keeping out that which does not belong.  Luckily, 80% of the immune system is actually located within the digestive system.  This way, the pathogens that may be ingested along with foods consumed are prevented from being absorbed into the body by way of the bloodstream and ultimately causing infections.  Beneficial microbes are essential to this defense system and contribute to immunity by helping to rid the body of these harmful pathogens before they can enter the body through the circulatory system.

A clean and healthy colon contains the perfect balance of beneficial microflora.  A clogged and dirty colon on the other hand, is the perfect environment where many of the more pathogenic strains of bacteria, yeast – and even parasites can feed and ultimately grow out of control.

How to Keep Your Colon Healthy

To keep the colon functioning optimally with regular bowel movements, it is always best to stay away from overly processed foods, as well as those foods that are overly dehydrating and low in fiber.  Instead, chose an abundance of foods high in both fiber and water – this will give the colon enough bulk and hydration to stimulate peristalsis – enabling the bowels to move 2 to 3 times per day.  A diet high in fiber, will not only prevent constipation, but it will also help absorb and remove toxins, impurities, heavy metals, and other such poisons that can impede good health, weaken the immune system, and feed disease causing pathogens.  High fiber, high water foods will feed healthy bacteria and boost the immune system at the same time.

Colonics are another very beneficial tool that can be used to keep the colon clear of waste, mucous, and impactions.  Food waste not eliminated from the digestive tract will ultimately putrefy, rancidify, and ferment, attracting harmful microorganisms, and destroying the natural healthy ecology of the gut.  This dysbiosis can lead to infections in and of itself, but it will also significantly reduce the beneficial microbes that work with the body’s immune system needed to protecting the body against dangerous invaders.  A series of colonics taken within a relatively short time frame will wash away toxic immune suppressing debris – giving a clean slate where a clean, health digestive ecology can flourish and be nurtured through healthy dietary and lifestyle practices.  Cleansing the colon in this way, at least once per year, is a wonderful detoxification protocol that can only support strengthening the immune system and the body as a whole.   Keeping the body strong and healthy all year round, regardless of whatever bacteria and viruses may be circulating.

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Posted by: Eke Idika, CNP, CH Therapist 


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