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By December 19, 2022Richmond Hill, ON

The King Township Museum near Richmond Hill, Ontario is a great way to explore the past and gain insight into how our founding families lived, worked, and played. Featuring over 10,000 artifacts and documents dating back to the early 1800s, visitors can learn all kinds of fantastic stories from the museum’s exciting selection of exhibits. From the bustling marketplace that existed at Holland Landing in the 19th century to the countless generations who’ve called King Township home, this wonderful museum brings history alive for all of its many guests. Plus, with an array of special events throughout each year including family activities such as an old-fashioned cake-walk as well as popular holiday events such as Grandparent’s Day, there’s always something fun to do at the King Township Museum!

What To do

King Township Museum is a great place to explore local history and discover more about the culture and heritage of King Township. Visitors can enjoy interactive exhibits that tell stories of individuals, families and communities. The museum also offers events such as artifact talks, history tours, and programs for children, youth and seniors. Additionally, the museum boasts four family friendly galleries featuring an education room – perfect for spending hours exploring! is also home to various artifacts from the past, a research library filled with books and documents about the region’s culture and history too. With so much to explore in King Township Museum there’s something for everyone to appreciate and learn from – no matter what their age or interests.


The King Township Museum offers a visit through historical and cultural exhibits. Discover the history of King Township’s past citizens and learn about our region’s early pioneers. Explore the exhibitions dedicated to Indigenous artefacts, quilting, craftsmanship, trades, heraldry and more. See artifacts that trace the development of technology from pre-industrial farm machinery to everyday tools of generations passed. Unique Voices of Ontario celebrates the diverse stories of diverse individuals and how they shaped our province. Through audio/visual presentations visitors can gain a better appreciation for what makes King Township so remarkable; its people! The museum offers year-round programming that includes hands-on activities such as music performances or genealogy workshops to name a few. With something for everyone to explore the King Township Museum is an entertaining educational experience.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to the King Twp Museum, there is so much for you to enjoy! It offers a variety of educational programs and activities for all ages. There are also numerous artifacts on display that showcase the history of King Township, dating back to its time in First Nations occupancy. These exhibits bring alive the stories of this special place — past and present. When visiting, be sure to take a guided tour or take part in a community program; you’ll learn even more about the area’s rich culture and history. If you’re in town for just a day or two, be sure to include the King Twp Museum in your plan; you won’t be disappointed!

The King Township Museum is a cultural gem. Overall, it provides an interactive and educational experience that brings local history to life. Through special exhibits and rotating displays, visitors can appreciate the stories of the people of King Township and celebrate the area’s rich heritage while learning about its growth and development over time. Interactive activities like theatrical performances, musical initiatives, hands-on workshop programs and more ensure a meaningful experience for every guest. The King Township Museum is a must-see destination with something unique and engaging for everyone in the family.


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