“Everyone poops”. But what does that mean from a health perspective?

You should be mindful of what your feces are telling you because they are one of the most consistent indicators of health.

Here’s what you can refer to what your stool is telling you.

Small, “pellets” of the stool – indicates dehydration
Black colored stool – indicates excessive meat intake or old stool
Stool leaves a residue on tube or basin – ‘sticky’ texture indicates lack of fiber, excessive consumption of processed foods, meat, dairy
Brown fibrous, bulky stool, leaves no residue – healthy stool
Pale colored stool – indicates over-consumption of dairy food
Bubbles – gas, toxins
Foamy bubbles – fermentation, poor food combining, legumes or food staying in the body too long and fermenting
Bright yellow water – toxicity, common to see when doing a detox program
Bright orangey/brown water – ammonia/acidity
Cloudy whitish appearance to water – candida/yeast
White or off-white stringy stuff – mucous, mucoid plaques
Pieces of mucous with tiny amounts of blood attached – an indication of parasites
Thick, opaque, ‘sludge’ – coming from the cecum or ascending colon – the beginning of the colon
Foul, offensive odor – an indication of old toxic material
Pieces of food – eating too fast/not chewing enough or improper digestion

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