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I’ve transitioned from therapist assisted colonics to the “Angel of Water” method at the Clear Living Clinic with amazing results. The process is gentle, non-invasive, relaxing, and comfortable with immediate results. Annie and her team are knowledgeable, skilled and make my visits very safe and agreeable. I encourage anyone to give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Broc Lyrain

Lets be honest, when you hear ‘colon cleanse’ you may do what I did some years back which is scrunch my nose and say ‘No way!’. But ask me now and my face lights up!

Ever since I did the colon cleanse at the Clear Living Clinic, I feel a difference! Before the cleanse, I was consistently bloated, constipated, had irregular bowel movements and just not happy with the way I felt. But that all changed. Now my stomach is happy, bowel movements are regular on a daily basis, I feel 100X’s times happier and added bonus – my face cleared up and I’m filled with more life.

The staff at Clear Living Clinic are fantastic. They helped answer all my questions and concerns, followed up with me to see how I was doing after a session and they made me feel comfortable. Thank you ladies for your support and thank you Clear Living Clinic for helping my body!

Simran Singh

From the moment you walk through the front door of Clear Living Clinic, you get a sense of calm and welcome from the colon therapists. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and they can take you through the process if you’re unfamiliar with the Angel of Water system. The process itself is comfortable and I think you release A LOT more waste than with the regular ‘manual’ system. I feel great every time I go for a treatment. Everyone makes you feel comfortable, and after doing a few sessions, I felt so much better and more detoxed!

Ali Najikhoie

I have had many colonics over the past 18 years. I can safely say it has saved and changed my life – for the best. This Angel water method is my new favourite method compared to the closed method that I started with. I would highly recommend this to anyone. By the way when I go, I tend to wash out (not water) about 4-6 lbs. That is effective. Not to mention how fantastic I feel afterwards.

Gastro G

We heard so much about colonics and wanted to try to enhance our health in general. We were pleasantly surprised to experience quite a few benefits after a few sessions, we definitely have more energy and my skin has been more clear for sure. We started with the package of 4 initially and now we do once a month, we know it does wonder for us. Thanks Monica, Shellina and Annie for always being courteous, professional and making us feel so welcome.

Ron & Jasmine Payne

Many thanks to Annie and Monica for making my visit to Clear Living Clinic a great experience! The Angel of Water is comfortable to use and doesn’t require an attendant to be in the room with you during the session which is awesome. Most people don’t realize that health begins in the colon, and more than ever we are being exposed to new chemicals and gmo’s in our food. I highly recommend trying a package of 3, you’re going to be be happy you did.

Kristine Jones

I was never inclined to try colonic until I heard of the easy and relaxing method used here at Clear Living Clinic, helps me to keep regular, I no longer feel bloated or gassy after meals and I find it easier to maintain weight along with my work out, clean diet and colonics. I am looking forward to coming back for my next session to continue my therapy!

Nikki Safa

I had chronic acne since I was very young and after doing series of 12 colonics and changing my diet, my acne cleared up. Also it greatly helped me with on going digestive issues I had over the years.

Clara Gator

I’ve been dealing with acne and IBS for a while and was referred to the clinic by my friend. I was a little skeptical before I tried but now I made it part of my routine for my health. My skin has been clearing up and my symptoms have been improving a lot ever since I started the therapy.

Jonathan Reyes