Toronto Islands

By December 16, 2022Toronto, ON

The Toronto Islands, located in Toronto, Ontario, offer a unique and serene getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Formed by sediment deposits into Lake Ontario, it’s a haven for locals and tourists alike. An affordable bridge pass allows visitors to explore lovely landscapes with activities like biking or swimming. Those looking for history can take a guided tour to visit fortifications from World War II. With things like kayaking in the small harbor, wading in shallow swimming areas and rare bird-watching opportunities at Hanlan’s Point Beach, these islands provide excellent entertainment without straying too far from downtown Toronto.

What To Do

Toronto Islands is a popular destination for outdoor recreation and sightseeing. There are endless things to do on the islands no matter what the season. The most popular summertime activities include swimming, beach lounging, biking, kayaking and paddle boarding around the islands’ many beaches. If you’re looking for some water adventure in warmer months, you can even participate in sailing or windsurfing lessons. When the weather gets cooler, people come to Toronto Islands for ice skating and snowshoe-hiking excursions throughout the park’s 14 outer islands which boast spectacular views of both Lake Ontario and downtown Toronto from a distance.


The beautiful Toronto Islands are home to a range of attractions and activities. Visitors enjoy exploring the diverse natural surroundings, with bike paths winding along sandy beaches and forests full of native wildlife. There is also a children’s amusement park and Far Enough Farm, a petting zoo located on Centre Island. Ward’s Island is known for its popular café patio area known as Dock on the Dunes, which many locals frequent during summer days. Sports enthusiasts can also set their sights on Olympic Harbor for kayaking, paddle boarding and more.

Plan Your Visit

When planning a visit to the Toronto Islands, there are plenty of great activities to partake in. From exploring the historic sites and monuments on Centre Island to swimming at Hanlan’s Point Beach or renting a kayak to journey across the lake. There is something for everyone. Don’t forget to download the free activity map that can help you find more hidden gems throughout your exploration of the islands. When you’ve taken in all the adventure and relaxation possible – be sure to stop off at one of the local eateries for a bite to eat! Planning your visit in advance will make your time spent on the islands even more enjoyable.

Overall, the Toronto Islands are an integral part of Toronto culture and history and offer a wide range of activities for the whole family. Located just minutes from downtown, they provide breathtaking views of the city skyline, a variety of swimmable beaches, plenty of recreational parks to explore, and a host of other attractions for visitors to take advantage of such as boat or kayak rentals or a ferry ride to their amusement park. It’s no wonder so many locals and tourists alike flock to these shores on a yearly basis.


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