Every season our bodies continue to go through changes. If we do not rid our bodies of old toxins we may be harming our weight-loss efforts or suppressing our immune system. Performing a detox seasonally allows our bodies to gradually get used to eating foods specific to the “new” season. Foods consumed during the prior months may be causing harm to your current health goals.

Which Seasons Should I Detox?

Spring and fall are the two seasons when a strict detox program is most crucial.

Spring: This is the time to boost energy by cleansing the excess toxins and fat accumulated during the cold winter months.

Fall: Of course increasing energy levels is always a necessity, however fall is a time where we need to allow our bodies to rest a bit. It is crucial we allow our bodies to rejuvenate during a fall detox so we can keep healthy with a strong immune system during the bitter winter.

Healthy Steps Toward Your Fall Detox

One thing to always remember is that your detox should be simple. Following a complicated program becomes a hassle and easy to lose interest in continuing.

  • Eat vegetables that are in season. Start by adding more dark green vegetables high in Alkaline.
  • Don’t be afraid of fruit sugars. Seasonal fruits bring a tremendous amount of nutritional value that your body was most likely lacking prior.
  • Stay clear of heavily processed foods, excess salt and caffeine.
  • Try a vegan diet for one week. If possible add an extra week. For some this may be very difficult, if so, simply eliminate dairy from the diet for a week and reduce meat intake during this time rather than cutout completely.

During this detox period it is a great time to get back in the routine of colonics to rid your colon of old toxic matter. Once your colon is clean, doing a parasite cleanse is a very beneficial way to kick-off the season fully rejuvenated. Any cleanse brings benefit to all aspects of health. Be sure to listen to your body’s needs.


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