By December 19, 2022Richmond Hill, ON

Yonge–Eglinton is a desirable and lively neighborhood conveniently located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The area features an abundance of amenities including varied shopping districts, award-winning restaurants, fitness centers, and vibrant nightlife. Yonge–Eglinton is also host to a range of parks, art galleries, and cultural experiences for any individual or family. Home to many businesses, it’s easy to find the perfect location for commuting into the city. Whether seeking essentials like groceries or looking to explore different entertainment activities such as camping nearby at Wilcox Lake Public Park or taking advantage of discounts on movies at VIP Cinema – Yonge–Eglinton has endless possibilities for living life to its fullest.


Yonge–Eglinton is a vibrant and multicultural neighborhood. According to recent demographic data, the population of Yonge–Eglinton was 15,430 in 2016 and increased to 16,220 by 2018. This particular neighborhood is well-known for being ethnically diverse as it is home to residents from various cultural backgrounds including but not limited to South Asian, Chinese, Filipino, and European origins. At present, over 60% of the people residing in Yonge–Eglinton speak one or more languages other than English at home; these languages include Mandarin Chinese, Italian and Portuguese (to name a few). In addition to this demographic information, there has been an increase in services offered near Yonge–Eglinton which suggest a thriving socioeconomic status – from independent businesses opening up shop to accessibly located public transit hubs.


Education in Yonge–Eglinton is strong and supportive of its students. The community has dedicated public schools, Catholic schools and other faith-based instruction to ensure that all children get a quality education. A French language secondary school has also been established, allowing students to hone their bilingual skills and providing parents with the assurance that their children have every opportunity for success. In addition to traditional schooling pathways, Yonge–Eglinton also offers various educational choices such as private tutoring services and GED programs. With so many options available and the constant support of qualified instructors, the educational opportunities in Yonge–Eglinton are highly accessible to all aspiring learners living in the area.


Yonge–Eglinton is a neighborhood worth visiting for the great sights, sounds and experiences that it has to offer. With its bustling streets lined with unique shops and eateries showcasing different cultures and identities, there’s always something to discover. Local highlights include the stylishly modern Yonge Sheppard Centre Mall and the charming Eglinton Park where visitors can take part in activities such as picnicking or tennis. Tourists also tend to make their way up north of Yonge–Eglinton to explore stunning trails like the Edwards Gardens Walkway Trail or unwind at the Skyline Club Park and Appreciation Mini Garden. The sights, sounds and experiences of Yonge–Eglinton make it a top tourist destination for all kinds of travelers both near and far.

Overall, Yonge–Eglinton is a family-friendly, luxurious neighborhood. It has retained its pleasant and safe atmosphere despite being part of an increasingly large and bustling city. There are many amenities within the area, including a good selection of restaurants; entertainment venues such as cinemas, playing fields, and parks; and shops that cater to any needs and tastes. Yonge–Eglinton also has direct access to public transportation, making it ideal for commuters. Overall, this residential neighborhood has plenty to offer anyone looking for a peaceful yet lively place to call home.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a new neighborhood, Rexdale is one to consider. This vibrant community offers a broad range of amenities and activities with plenty to explore. It’s an ideal location for those who want to be close to the hustle and bustle of city life while at the same time enjoying beautiful green spaces and parks. From shopping centers to sporting facilities, residents of Rexdale benefit from a myriad of establishments offering something for everyone. If you consider yourself an urban explorer interested in discovering something new, Rexdale is certainly worth exploring!

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